Beijing with a tall grey haired old lady

traveling with my Elderly Traveller Beijing china tour

Why on earth would I call this article that ??!!
Simple, if you are  tall in china you are an oddity
If you have grey or white hair you are an oddity
If you are an elderly westerner you are an oddity
If you are all three then you are a side show attraction for most Chinese.
My mum is 6 foot tall, white grey hair and looks her age of late 70’s (sorry mum no offense)
The whole titraveling with my Elderly Traveller old Chinese lady stooped overme we went anywhere in China people stopped to look at her.
We had noticed that most Chinese elderly working people may have some grey hair, and do get very wrinkly, they also tend to stoop over more, meaning the elderly Chinese were less visible rather than mums lovely posture making her 6 foot frame more visible.

A wonderful point about mum being 6ft tall with white hair is that in Asia I can’t lose her in the crowd. If I stop to take a photo and she keeps wandering I just look over all the black hair to see this white head drifting above everyone else. Handy really

If it was people just looking at her we could have put up with that, but it really did turn into a side show attraction.traveling with my Elderly Traveller Beijing china tour traveling with my Elderly Traveller Beijing china tour red hat





Around the Temple of Heaven and other historical sights many Chinese go in group tours to see the sights. So the tour leaders don’t lose them or get them  mixed up, they all wear identifying hats or hats and t shirts.

traveling with my Elderly Traveller Beijing china tour groups At the Temple of Heaven there was one tour group who were so fascinated by mum that they were standing watching her rather than listening to their tour guide. We nick named them the red hats.

Over a period of an hour or more at any given point there was at least 4 hanging around us taking photographs of mum, and trying to sidle up to her so they could get in the photo.  For about the first half hour it was funny, red hat paparazzi, but the novelty soon wore off and had mum close to tears. So I took a page out of the locals book. I kept jumping in front of her, blocking their photos , putting my hand out and saying  Yīyuán. One Dollar.

traveling with my Elderly Traveller Beijing china tour red hat

If they were so rude as to stop us looking at sights by standing right in front of us to look at mum and invade our space all the time I was going to at least fund our day out. No one paid but they eventually got the hint, after 15 minutes of me doing this, they walked off or they simply walked the other direction  to find their tour. My antics made mum laugh so that improved an annoying situation

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