Destinations -Beijing Airport incident

At the Beijing airport PEK after uneventfully checking in, we lined up for customs and immigration. We had to line up at three different counters who all looked studiously at our passports to check we hadn’t changed in the 20 metres since they last checked our passports studiously.

Then we had the funniest/weirdest security gate experience ever.
We put the carry on luggage on the belt and walk to the body scanner.
Mum had removed anything metal, glasses, belt, bracelets, watches etc and they are in her carry on. She is wearing a nice top and button up chino skirt. She walks through and they call her back, she walks through again and then again.
A man comes over with latex gloves on, makes mum stand there by the scanner and runs his hand up her legs.. in side her skirt to her crotch . I guess her buttons had set it off,  but she was mortified. Embarrassed doesn’t cover it.


I go to go through, once again devoid of anything metal and  I get called back and again I saw him traveling with my Elderly Traveller honking boobwalking towards me, the man with the latex gloves!.

I had trousers on so I wasnt worried. ..instead he puts his hands inside my shirt and pulls at my underwire of my bra ,  “honks”my boobs then walks off.
Any westerners in the now long line for the scanner and carry on conveyor belt were in hysterics laughing at this.  A few suggested he just wanted to check my ample bosom was real , or that he fancied me !!


(of course no actual pictures as we were in a secure no photo area)

Then.. yes the fun hadn’t ended..
Mums carry on luggage and my carry on luggage went through the scanner xray.
Mums get pulled off the conveyor belt and taken to her. She was asked if it was hers, she asked what was the problem with it. We were trying to think what could be in there to cause the problem.Denture
Instead of getting her to empty a suspicious item out of it, a man opened the case and tipped it shaking it upside down on the counter, emptying it everywhere. Incontinence pads flew everywhere, her spare top denture plate came out of its container and flew across the floor.

The offending item.. a pair of  pocket reading glasses. Cylindrical , metallic 1 inch wide 6 inch long.. I guess they hadn’t seen them before. (though they say Made in China) He took them away and 4 people opened them, pulled the tiny glasses out, put them back, pulled them out again. 5 minutes later we got them back then were allowed to collect everything and pack it back in her bag.

Poor mum,  by then her nerves were frazzled, she was upset and embarrassed.
I think everyone could see she was close to tears.
A passing westerner said to us “Well you will never forget the day you both got lucky at Beijing airport”  that broke the tension and we all started laughing.
Mum still refers to the day that the man got to 2nd base at the airport.
On a serious side. I went to the airport office to complain about being felt up by a man and our bag contents being thrown around and the response was  ‘security is serious ‘ and ‘if you don’t like it don’t fly or don’t come to Beijing’
Yep Im taking the latter.. no more mainland China, you wont get my measly tourist dollars or my  transit visa money anymore.
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  1. What a crap experience! I would seriously reconsider every going to China now!

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