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traveling with my Elderly Traveller Asian squat toilet beijing squat loo

Toiletstraveling with my Elderly Traveller Asian squat toilet are an issue we had to contend with, we knew going to Asia this could be a problem.

While I could manage the Asian squat toilets, mum couldn’t.traveling with my Elderly Traveller Asian squat toilet
The logistics of lifting and holding your skirt, holding your handbag, squatting and keeping your balance was just too darn hard. You certainly don’t want your skirt or trouser legs brushing on the floor.

Western toilets were few and far between, of course the better hotels had them, and the better restaurants but tourist sites and markets..not so much. It was always a pleasant surprise to find one

Luckily we happened upon a few other western tourists and every conversation started with ‘Did you know there is a western toilet in..’
In fact we went out of our way if we spotted a western tourist to point out the closest western toilet.
Toilet paper is non existent, and neither is soap or hand towels in the washroom, so take your own toilet tissue with you, and hand santiser.
In the Hóngqiáo (Pearl) Market, which to our minds is the best market in Beijing, not just for pearls
(one of the handbag stall ladies knew me by name after our holiday), this market has a hidden western toilet, near the stairs on the 2nd floor,
This market is easy to get to by subway and is a great place to finish after looking around  Temple of Heaven (Subway Line 5 Pink line: get off at Tiantan Dongmen Station, Leave from Exit A)
traveling with my Elderly Traveller Asian squat toilet beijing squat looAnother funny point about Asian squat toilets is the unexpected sights.
Someone must have told the builders that westerners need toilet stall doors that are tall enough not to see over, so rather than make bigger doors they just hung them higher !
Resulting in..
Walking into the bathroom to find 4 cubicle doors closed, squat toilets in use,  but everything on full view below the doors, right up to the squatters shoulders. That is just something you cant unsee !
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