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By Air
Changi Airport would be one of my favourite airports in the world.

It certainly has a lot to teach its Asian neighbours.

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In most airports you wait around restlessly, wandering and wondering how to kill time.
Not at Changi Airport. There are 350 retail outlets and services, so you can buy all your tax free duty free items. You can even order your items on ishopChangi  before your arrival to Changi Airport and pick them up while in transit.
With 120 food and drink outlets you’ll find most type of cuisine, but mostly Singaporean favourites and Asian and chains (yep Mcdonalds). About 30 eateries are open 24 hours a day.

Keep in touch with the Airmytravelswithmymum singapore Changi Internetports free WIFI networks ( WIFI@changi in the transit area and Wireless@Sg elsewhere) or use their computers as it has 500 internet kiosks. It even has 800 free charging points to charge your electronics before you fly ,





If you depart from Changi Airport plan to reach your departure gate at least 30 minutes before the departure time and get your luggage checkmytravelswithmymum Singapore Changi  securityed.

Another innovation at  Changi is the placement of the airport security checkpoints. Most airports place them right before or after the immigration checkpoint, creating a huge bottleneck of travellers at the entrance to the transit area.

Instead of having a security screening system centralised at the Departure Check-in Hall, which causes lengthy queues, at Changi Airport security is decentralized, and each boarding lounge is equipped with two to three security scanners at  its own security point ensuring a faster inspection of your hand luggage.

This way of handling boarding security service is extremely efficient,  all the passengers in a Boeing A380 were checked within 15 minutes, and the security guards are extremely courteous. (unlike Beijing)

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Singapore Changi Airport Police on Segways


A hint for the budget airline fans: If you transfer to and from the budget airlines Tigerair and Scoot, apply to the Changi Connects programme. For no more than SGD20 you can skip on the hassle of clearing arrival immigration, retrieving your luggage and even getting a visa to enter Singapore.

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Besides the usual sight of shops and eateries lining the airport, Changi Airport  has many beautiful relaxing gardens:

Enchanted Garden (Terminal 2), Orchid Garden (Terminal2), Butterfly Garden (Terminal3) and two outdoor ones, the Cactus Garden (Terminal1) and Sunflower Garden (Terminal2), where you can soak up the sun and enjoy some fresh air while gazing at the planes taking off.

If you are just transiting through Changi Airport,  Singapore’s small size coupled with its efficient public transportation means even with just a few hours to spare it’s possible to get into  the city.  Changi Airport has excellent left luggage services so there’s no need to drag your suitcase alongmytravelswithmymum Changi-Airport-Left-Luggage

Left luggage services at Changi Airport are open 24 hours and can be found in Terminal 1, Terminal 2, and Terminal 3. The left luggage counters are well marked with signs saying ‘Left Baggage’ and located in the public area and in the secure area – two per terminal.  The fee depends on the size of your luggage and how many days you need it stored.

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