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With hands-down the best public transit system in Southeast Asia, there are better ways than just taxis for travelling in Singapore

Catching public buses and the MRT (subway/metro train system) you can get around the whole of the island of Singapore very easily and relatively cheaply. Singapore MRT

The MRT trains are clean and efficient and signs are in English with a light up LED board tracking your progress in the train.
The MRT (Mass Rapid Transport) is well sign  posted so you can find the stations easily and every station I travelled had escalators and lifts.(Elevators) Singapore MRTThere are even apps you can download to your phone to help getting around Singapore Public Transport

Free app – SG NextBus, which gives estimated arrival times of public buses in Singapore.
Free app – SG Buses is gives estimated arrival times, details of bus stops, routes
Free app – SMRT Connect details of railway routes
Free app – Singapore MRT details of railway routes singapore-mrt
All fares are charged according to the total distance travelled on the bus, MRT and LRT. With the distance fares, you can make transfers without having to pay a boarding charge for every transfer that makes up your journey.
Bugis to HarbourFront (cruise terminal station) 5 stations in about 12 mins, 1 transfer ADULT $1.31 SENIORS $0.88
Raffles Place to Ang Mo Kio (to catch the bus to the zoo) 10 stations in about 19 mins,  0 transfers ADULT $1.41 SENIORS $0.90
Changi Airport to Marina Bay 13 stations in about 38 mins, 3 transfers ADULT $1.75 SENIORS $0.90

There is designated seating on the MRT and Buses for seniors and singapore-mrt senior

A pleasant surprise is that without one exception people offered my mum a seat every time she boarded.


Taxis are the easiest but most expensive transport and there is always a queue of cabs at the airport waiting for fares. Singapore’s taxis always use the meter which, depending on the time of day, will reach S$15– S$35 for a trip between the airport and downtown.


Walking around Singapore is safe and comfortable, the streets and footpaths are well maintained. An added bonus is never having to step on gum as it is banned in Singapore.
We never felt unsafe or wary of our surroundings in Singapore, though as always, we are always aware and diligent.


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