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Restrooms /Toilets

The Restroom Association of Singapore , yes there is an association,  runs The Happy Toilet Programme which ‘aims to encourage and give recognition to toilet owners or operators for maintaining public toilets to standards expected by the public.’
They have a web site with public toilets rated. Here

We never had a problem in Singapore with restrooms at all.

Incontinence Products
Common products like TENA & Poise®  are readily available from Supermarkets like Giant

Pharmacy/ Chemists

There are several large chain stores that call themselves pharmacies. However, you should be aware not every pharmacy sells all kinds of medication.
There are three classes of medicine, according to official regulations:

  • prescription-only medication
  • pharmacy-only medication
  • general sales or over-the-counter watsons-singapore

Chain store pharmacies like Watsons  or Guardian usually have a dedicated pharmacy counter, where other kinds of medication are available, some can give you pharmacy-only medication and a couple have prescription-only medication available.

If you need to fill a prescription
Pharmacies in Singapore’s hospitals dispense prescription drugs to outpatients and retail customers.
All seven public hospitals have their own pharmacy, and so do some of the city’s private medical facilities, like Mount Elizabeth Hospital or Parkway East Hospital. Most public polyclinics (like those run by SingHealth, in Bukit Merah, Geylang, Tampines, and Pasir Ris) and private medical clinics have an attached pharmacy. raffles medical
Hospital pharmacies may not be open after hours, unless they are part of the A&E department. To get urgently needed medication, it’s easiest to go to a 24/7 medical clinic plus pharmacy. The private Raffles Clinic at Changi Airport Raffles Medical @ T3  is popular for this purpose.

We were staying in the Bugis area, which is very close to Raffles Hospital.


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