Last minute gift ideas for travellers.

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Great stocking stuffers for travelers. Budget & Last minute Christmas gift ideas for travellers
Whether you’ve drawn someone in the secret Santa or just looking for handy Christmas gifts I have a few ideas in all budgets for the traveller you have to buy for.


Luggage locks -luggage strap

Every traveller need luggage locks, even a lock for lockers in hotels or backpackers. There are key type and combination locks.

Luggage belt straps and luggage labels.

  Have you ever stood at a carousel and watched 100 black bags go around then you know why making your bag distinctive is important. I use luggage straps, I always use two per bag one width ways,one long way. We have three of each colour and I put the matching combinations on each of our bags, making them easy to spot and keeps everything inside (I hope)

Passport holder -

Big enough to hold airline tickets/cruise tickets and passports. As fancy and expensive or cheap and fun as you like

Portable Luggage Scale –

With every airlines having weight limits, this is one of the most useful travel accessories I own.
Nothing worse than trying to guess what weight your bag will be at the airport or even worse doing the rummage and discard at the airport to avoid excess baggage fees.

Waterproof Camera Casedry pouch bag  mytravelswithmymum.comdry pouch bag

If you don’t know their camera brand/model you can buy generic ones Dry Bags , like a heavy duty ziplock back that seals it in. These are great for wet weather, down the beach or snow.

Waterproof Phone pouch

Same as the Dry Pouch or Dry Bag for cameras. I used mine when I was kayaking to keep my phone dry. My daughter uses hers when she is snow skiing

Travel adaptor

You can buy one for set destinations (UK, USA, Europe etc) or for a little bit more you can buy a universal one that converts to just about every power outlet.
For even a little bit more you can have one with USB ports on it too for charging phones and tablets.

dual voltage

dual voltage

A travel hair straightener/curler or dryer

For women that travel, especially to countries with different voltage to Australia a hair appliance that switches from one voltage to the other is great. Dual Voltage. There is nothing worse that getting somewhere and your Australian hair dryer blows like an old man’s breath and takes three hours to dry your hair.

Australian electricals that are made only for 240 volts either don’t work effectively or at all, on USA 110 volts

Dual Voltage razor shaver

For Men that travel who like electric shaving, a dual voltage shaver is great, or a battery one.

MemorySD card Cards.

Extra memory cards for their camera will always be welcome.

Memory card pouch or wallet.

I always travel with my cards in a pouch. I know where to find them. I bought it cheaply enough that I can carry two, one for fresh cards one for used or full cards. Handy to have, great for keeping organised

Compression or DVT socks.

All travellers should wear them on the plane. Not just for Deep Vein Thrombosis but also to reduce swelling in the feet (The one time I didn’t wear them I couldn’t put my lace up shoes on for two days, flip flops in winter!)

USB power bank

A USB battery pack (also known as a power bank) comes in handy when you’re away from reliable power for a few days at a time. Think of situations like a road trip, or when you’re stuck at the airport, or a really long train journey or if you end up in a region without electricity. It’ll charge one smart phone or one small tablet somewhere between two to five times, depending on the capacity of the battery in your particular gadgets.

Skype credit

 Give the gift of communication. $10 Skype credit for them to keep in touch with loved ones.

App Store credittraveling with my Elderly Traveller Bobble-Water-Bottle

So they can download the best maps or guide books

Filter Water Bottle.

I carry this everywhere when I’m travelling , I even run bought bottled water through it (see why here)

Travel pack

Get creative and put together bits and pieces every traveller will need. Put in a basket or sparkly wallet/pencil case – earplugs, eye-mask, foldable toothbrush, Hand sanitizer, flushable wipes, chapstick/ lip balm, mosquito repellant, tissues , lozenges , diarrhea medication, even a cheap alarm clock. You can go as mad as you like

travel kit

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  1. Malinda @mybrownpaperpackages // December 20, 2014 at 8:33 am // Reply

    Yes yes yes, all things travellers would love, great suggestions. Thanks for joining in my Christmas Link Party — you might want to add this to my #wednesdaywanderlust link party too.

  2. Great info

  3. Lauren - Gold Coast Mum // December 21, 2014 at 10:46 pm // Reply

    Lots of great tips! Must haves & stocking filler ideas too!

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