St Petersburg Russia

A sneak peak at the wonderful places we saw in St Petersburg Russia

The is the beautiful Peterhof Palace.

It wasn’t the fountains that had me enthralled, it was the gold plated ‘everything’.

It was like kids had been let loose with gold, there was hardly a surface or a statue or an ornament that wasn’t gold plated.

One can certainly see why the  ‘peasants’ revolted, it wasn’t just a case of rich people, it was flaunt it- rub your face in it- i don’t care rich people.

The amount of gold and gold plating and amber and jewels we saw in St petersburg could get a country out of any debt.

Cynical me aside  – It was spectacular to look at and if you are lucky enough to be there when it sunny, the way the light reflects of gold makes the photos all that more exciting

Peterhof palace gardens were a lot of walking, and the steps the side of the main fountain were crammed like rush hour, so getting photos without 500 heads in them was an interesting challenge. We were only there for 3 or 4 hours, but I still managed to take 300 photos.


I am going to try and feature my photography a little more in my blog posts , but not the whole  300Peterhof St Petersburg russia


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3 Responses

  1. Muza-chan says:

    Lovely photo…

  2. Nancie says:

    Beautiful, even if a little over the top :) Thanks for linking up this week! #TPThursday

  3. Bob R says:

    Very nice indeed, but I’m with Nancie. It’s a bit too stately. :)

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