Travel Tip of the Week – Put one in the Safe

TTravel with Elderly hotel safeip Hotel or Cruise cabin Safe

I don’t always use the safe when we travel. I never travel with the jewels so I dont always have the need to.
I know a lot of people who have left things in the hotel room safe, including an engagement two days before the proposal.

We solve the problem of leaving something in the safe when we check out by  putting a shoe in the safe.

Normally its mums ‘comfy flying shoes’ that she only wears on a plane.
We only put one shoe in.
That way, on last day  when shes getting dressed and  cant find the other shoe , we know this equals  we haven’t emptied the safe.

Simple but it works


I took this picture of the safe in our cruise ship cabin to show a friend at home because I was at the Front Desk when my elderly neighbor came to the counter and complained her microwave in her room wasn’t working, she put a cold cup of tea in and pressed the buttons but it didn’t heat up- she also complained the microwave was very small and only just fit a cup of tea. Yes it was the safe


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