Travel tip of the Week- Take your earrings

Earring Storage

If like me you have a few different pairs earrings, lets just say, for the sake of it,  a different set of earrings to go with just about every outfit you own.. ok ok I do, I admit it.   I counted .. I have about 40 pairs of earrings, ranging from classic and classy to fun and frivolous.  From Colored stones to my version of the royal crown jewels.


When I travel, especially on cruise ships, where I tend to Dress for Dinner, I will take 6, 7,  up to 10 pairs of earrings.

I used to put them together in a drawstring bag. Keeping them all in one place.

You know the drill, you’re getting ready to go out and then have to empty out all the earring to find the partner to the one you want to wear.  That used to frustrate me no end, it was always the last one (if I could find it at all).

After years of dealing with mums medications I had an idea that makes my life so much easier.

I went to a $1 or $2 shop, and bought a weekly pill reminder box. You can buy similar boxes in craft stores, even haberdashers or beading stores. I prefer the type where each section opens separately (In this case its Morning, Noon, Evening, Bed) . My preferred reminder box all has each day’s strip sitting in a frame so you can pop out that particular days ‘line’ (of Morning, Noon, Evening, Bed) .

pill reminder box used to store jewelry

I sorted my earrings into colour themes, so I knew which ones to pick to match what outfit.

Then I put a dab of a matching nail polish on the top of that section. What do you mean, of course I have  nail colours to  match  my earrings and outfits.

I do this so I see at a glance what colours I need. I left the last row without a colour. This is my ‘take’ row.

pill reminder box used to store jewelry

Then I popped my earrings into each container.

For some, like silver ball posts, I put two pair in one container.

pill reminder box used to store jewelry


Now when I’m traveling I can take just a row or two, or put the ones I want into my ‘take’ row and just take one Morn,Noon,Eve, Bed row.

I store them like this at home as well,  I haven’t lost an earring since I started using pill reminders.


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3 Comments on Travel tip of the Week- Take your earrings

  1. This is a really great idea for keeping earrings organized and safe! I would have never thought of it!

  2. Steph @MisplacedBrit // November 23, 2014 at 6:27 am // Reply

    That’s such a funny, practical, fantastic tip!! It is annoying to keep needing to tip EVERYTHING out. And I’ve lost earrings that way too :-( On our road trip I tipped them out onto a shelf, I guess one pair was temporarily put somewhere else, so I forgot to take them with me… Perfect if you fill every slot, so you know there shouldn’t be more than one empty box at any one time!
    …Miss 6 had her ears pierced quite recently, I think she needs a box too ;-)

  3. This is a brillian idea – I am going to do this. My mum had the pill box that could be broken off week by week too so you could just take 7 pairs – perfect for travelling lite!

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