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The Tablet or iPad

Ipad tablet

The reason I think its the most important piece of our travel kit , beside killing boredom, is the apps and photo storage

I will start with photo storage- yes mum can bring along all the photos of kids, grand kids and great grand kids that she wants.
While that is useful, it is the ability to hold copies of our scanned or photographed documents that wins

In my  blog entry about documents  you can see the type of documents I take.

I wont go over this again but I will show you how I store them so that I can get to them quickly and not have to scroll through hundreds of photos of grandchildren to find them
I plug my tablet into my laptop computer with the supplied cord.
There are two different methods I use but read the manual on your tablet to find out what works for you

On my tablet I have already made a folder called  eg Russia Trip I simply drag and drop all my files into that folder into my tablet directory.

On mums tablet I made a folder called  eg Russia trip in her photo folder  and drop all the files in there.

You can see the main directory of my tablet in the left pane, Russia Trip folder is the last item.
In the right pane are some of the contents of this folder
Handy TIP
Another sneaky photo I take is on our cameras
Travel tip of the Week, Elderly traveler camera

Every camera has a built in memory, albeit tiny.

This allows your camera to store a couple of photos without any memory card in it. Once you put a memory card in it will leave those photos alone, and they don’t show up on your displayed photos.
I take out the memory cards and take a photo of a sign I make.
I put a photo of me on my laptop screen next to my name and phone number in large writing. I make it something simple like Paint . I take a photo of that
If the camera has no memory card in it the photo records to the inbuilt memory of the camera.
 camera photo
We were once sitting at a table on a cruise ship and a gentleman (and I use that term loosely) picked up my camera from my table while I was turned around. I explained it was my camera, he said it was his, as all the photos were of scenery there was no identifying people in the shots the incident could have escalated.
A drink steward had called security. I asked the security officer to take the memory card out then look at the photos on the camera.  END OF ARGUMENT

As my camera is bright blue I watched this gentleman the rest of the cruise and only saw him with a really old silver camera!

A friend taught me this tip after his camera was stolen and police rang him to say a pawnbroker noticed this information on a camera attempting to be pawned.Even if you delete ALL photos or FORMAT the memory card in the camera it will not effect the hidden photos directly stored on the camera.

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