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traveling with my Elderly Traveller Auckland

For the first time overseas traveller I would suggest a short flight trip first, to test the waters so to speak.
If your in Australia maybe fly to NZ or Fiji, even Singapore or Hong Kong are great choices for Elderly Travellers or first time flyers.

If its somewhere further afield that has your interest, and you don’t fancy the thought of a  long flight  consider splitting up your journey to give you a breather. Breaking up your travel means you can have a walk around on dry land and refreshments before taking to the skies again. Some flight routes have stop overs or you can choose one that does.  A few hours even in an airport can refresh you. (be warned that some stopovers require a visa)

If I can we break up the trip with an overnight stop over, we’ve stopped in Singapore,  Hong Kong, Seoul, Taipei, Gangzhou, Honolulu  and LA. Our next is Dubai

You can also decide on what type of holiday you want  or need.
An all inclusive tour. A riverboat cruise. A cruise ship. A single destination or a multi city Do it yourself trip
You have to consider practical things like what time of year you can get off work versus the best time of year to go there, how much time it takes really to do the destination justice and how much money you will need to do what you must do.
Another consideration -Is that destination more expensive for travel insurance?
Unless one destination rates well above and beyond the others, start researching two or three of your top choices, picking only one could set you up for disappointment if the logistics turn out to be forbidding.

The best choice of date at destinations is not only guided by what time of year you can get off work, or the time that has the least conflict with family commitments, or even the weather at the destination.
While it is important you don’t mistakenly book journeying to Russia during the dead of  their winter  or visiting a jungle during the hottest, rainiest season, there are also festivals, holidays and events to research.

We’d  looked at going to Beijing for 8 days on the way home from USA.
After everything was just about booked I noticed that 7 days of this was Golden Week‘ , a holiday in  China where it seems Chinese people choose to visit all the Chinese tourist spots at once. I changed our booking to before USA, at the start of the holiday, with a 16 hour layover on the way back instead.
We were amazed at the difference, its been described as a human avalanche of people shuffling along

Here’s a couple of shots showing why we changed our booking

traveling with my Elderly TravellerBeijing blogtraveling with my Elderly Traveller Beijing blog


traveling with my Elderly Traveller Beijing blog
traveling with my Elderly Traveller Beijing blog
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