About My Travels with My Mum

Welcome to my newest Blog

On my other blog site I have been asked so many times about how I come to be traveling the world with my elderly mother that I decided to start a blog about it.

I have taken to travelling the world, by air, by train, by road or by sea with my nearly 80 year old mother. I am writing about the pleasures and pitfalls, the joys and challenges of travelling with an elderly person

This blog will have anecdotes, hints, tips and travel advice about traveling in general,  locations, airlines and cruise ships. It will concentrate on traveling with an Elderly Traveller.
Most of the time this will be me traveling with my mum, but sometimes the Elderly Traveller might be someone I know or have met on my travels.

The upcoming pages  might have things you have never thought about, answers for some questions you might not know you had. As with most things in life about 95% of this blog is original but it could have facts and figures or opinions from others mixed in.

The reason I started the blog was twofold;
One that I love traveling with my mum,
We have worked out a pattern and schedule that 99% of the time suits us both.

The other reason was when I travel so many people ask me questions, from how I come to be travelling with with my mum, Questions about the way we do things or how we do certain things.

When we travel it may seem like we are so well organised, but its a bit like a duck, we may look calm and composed but underneath we have paddled like mad.
This blog is about the paddling !

Calm duck paddling mytravelswithmymum.com

Hopefully  this blog will be forthright, unbiased and possibly humorous, but most of all I would like it to be inspirational.
Inspiring you to take a trip, even if its just a day trip with your mum, dad, grandma while you can.

I tend to swap between the Australian/English spelling and the American spelling, I do it in real life too, so forgive me
If you want to quote anything on my blog, please just let me know and put a link to the blog on your site

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