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Qantas QF 15 review

Why I should always choose Qantas.


A review of a Qantas economy flight
Over the past 10 years we have flown just about every airline out there. The good the bad and the downright atrocious.  Often the flights were chosen for us or based on destinations/timing or basically price.
We have learnt the hard way that you certainly get what you pay for up in the sky.
Squashed in cattle class with no room to straighten your leg let alone swing a cat. Food I wouldn’t serve the aforementioned cat. Chicken and noodles for all 4 meals on one flight.

Recently we had the pleasure of flying Qantas again. That’s when I remembered why we should always fly Qantas, sure at times its a few dollars more than the cheapest option but boy is it worth it.
We were on the QF15 flight from Brisbane to Los Angeles on Wednesday 11th March , at our own expense,  so no promotional consideration or endorsement  was given.

Qantas QF 15 Review

From the moment we boarded the flight the cabin crew were attentive, helpful and extremely friendly. The cabin crew seemed to consist of mainly older men, this was a first  for me. Normally all the cabin crew or trolley dolly’s I see are 20 something females.

Qantas QF 15 Review
These cabin men went out of their way to assist passengers,  I have never encountered such service with a smile.
They delivered drinks, snacks, ice creams, tucked blankets in, retrieved dropped items from under seats. Nothing was too much trouble.
At one point I dropped my pen, it went way under my seat of course.  I couldn’t retrieve it. You just cant bend that far over on plane, with a  seat in front of you. From the seat next to me Mum tried to reach it for me, she ended up with her head and face  in my lap while trying to reach between my legs on the floor under the seat for  the pen. One of the cabin crew was walking past, he stopped and said, “Can I help you with that or at least get your camera and take a photo of this touching family moment.” We thought what we must look like and couldn’t stop laughing.Qantas QF 15 Review www.mytravelswithmymum.comThe food was plentiful and of great quality. Even the snacks were fabulous.

Qantas QF 15 Review

We received an email from Qantas a day or two before our flight with some suggestions to improve out flight, “Get the most out of your upcoming flight” from checking in, to food on the plane. We went online and pre ordered our meals, so we knew exactly what we were getting, they even had exclusive meals you can only order online. Q-Eat meals.   The preselected meals are delivered directly to you on the plane. That also eliminate s the problem of them running out of the meal you prefer. It was a wonderful service.

Qantas email q-eat

The in seat entertainment worked well, with an excellent selection of movies, from recent releases to classics.

Qantas QF 15 Review


All in all I couldn’t fault anything on this flight. Well done Qantas and well done to the cabin crew.
You surpassed my flying expectations.


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