Think you can name all of Australia’s State and Territories ?

This may surprise you

blank Australia map

If someone asked you to name all of the Australian States and Territories – could you?

I’m not talking about the external ones like Norfolk Island or Cocos Keeling islands.

I’m talking about the states and territories here on mainland Australia , ohh and Tasmania (I’ll give that answer to you free)

Think you can name them…

Tasmania, well duh, I just told you
New South Wales, yep
Queensland, yep,
Victoria, yep, you’re doing well
South Australia
Western Australia
…and ummmmm..
Northern Territory
Australian Capital Territory

….Im waiting, come on..
One to go.
What, can’t you think of it ?

You forgot— Jervis Bay Territory


Jervis Bay Territory Australia

Jervis Bay on the south coast of  NSW is a territory.

Jervis Bay Territory is governed only by Commonwealth law, usually through an Australian Government-appointed Administrator.

Jervis Bay Territory Australia

Go figure. You learn something every day

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